Saturday, October 31, 2015

31.10. Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat! 
Tonight we decided to leave studying for a moment, and celebrate a little. We went to one of our team members home, Krista's place, and carved some pumpkins, ate some apple pie (made by Kristina) and shared some laughs about life in general. Can you recognise some characters from our group picture? 

 Carving pumpkins can get a little messy, but the results were great! One pumpkin was a little stinkier, so we carved it outside to ease the pain. The finished Jack-o-lanterns have a alien/space-theme, and one has our logo on it! 

Timo played a little guitar for us, and here's also a close-up of Mariia's costume, how cool is that! Our group wen't artistic with all our costumes, even the finnish people (Halloween is not very Finnish); Sonja, Jesse, Timo, and Krista!



Here is also a picture of a little party-crasher, Maul, with the Jack-o-lanterns!
We're all hoping everyone's Halloween is more treats than tricks,

Yours truly,

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