Tuesday, September 29, 2015

28.9. Check, check... wait what?

Tonight five of our team members met for a final run through for the ICED workshop, that is going to take place tomorrow!
We are nicely prepared, but also noticed some final corrections that needed to happen, like actually having participants for the workshop! This time the participants will be someones acquaintances from our team, but we need to test our teachings efficiency, before approaching potential sponsors or corporations.

Facing practical difficulties, like "how do we get the sound to come out of this computer?", or "when will we have the coffee break?", will put different difficulties nicely into perspective, like we also had to figure out "how do we teach this ICED-method to strangers in 4 hours?"

BUT more on that workshop and the outcome of it tomorrow, let's hope the workshop works, like we did work for it to work!

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