Sunday, September 6, 2015

4.9. Working on a workshop

Today we came up with a bunch of ideas for the ICED workshop. Let us explain what it is:

Although our main goal as a team is to figure out plant (food)-growing on Mars by the end of May 2016, we started with getting familiar with problem-solving-method developed by NASA, called ICED (aka. Innovative Conceptual Engineering Design), and we have to be able to teach it to others by the end of September. We will also use the ICED-process in the challenge "How can we grow food on Mars?", but first learning how to teach it to others is very a great way to make sure we understand it ourselves.

However, we also have to decide what type of a challenge the group to which we'll be teaching ICED, will solve. They have four hours to learn the whole thing, so we can't actually make them grow food on Mars, now can we! We came up with eleven fun challenges, from which three were selected. Here we go!

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